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          名稱 參數
          發動機機型 Cat? C4.2 ACERTTM
          凈功率 86kw
          鏟斗容量 0.73m3
          工作重量 17280kg


          M318D 標配設備


            Alternator, 75 A


            Main shut-off switch

            Maintenance free batteries

            Signal/warning horn


            Automatic engine speed control

            Automatic starting aid

            Cat C6.6 with ACERT Technology EU Stage IIIA compliant

            Fuel/water separator with level indicator


            Heavy lift mode

            Load-sensing Plus hydraulic system

            Manual work modes (economy, power)

            Separate swing pump

            Stick regeneration circuit

            Operator Station

            ROPS cab structure compliant with 2006/42/EC and tested according to ISO 12117-2:2008

            Adjustable armrests

            Air conditioner, heater and defroster with automatic climate control

            Ash tray with cigarette lighter (24 volt)

            Beverage cup/can holder

            Bolt-on FOGS capability

            Bottle holder

            Bottom mounted parallel wiping system that covers the upper and lower windshield glass

            Camera mounted on counterweight displays through cab monitor

            Coat hook

            Floor mat, washable, with storage compartment

            Fully adjustable suspension seat

            Instrument panel and gauges

            Laminated front windshield

            Left side console, tiltable, with lock out for all controls

            Literature compartment behind seat

            Literature holder in right console

            Mobile phone holder

            Parking brake

            Positive filtered ventilation

            Power supply, 12V-7A

            Rear window, emergency exit

            Retractable seat belt


            Sliding door windows

            Steering column, tiltable

            Storage area suitable for a lunch box

            Sunshade for windshield and skylight


            Heavy-duty axles, advanced travel motor, adjustable braking force

            Oscillating front axle with remote greasing

            Tires, 10.00-20 16 PR, dual

            Tool boxes (right- and left-hand side) in undercarriage

            Two-piece drive shaft

            Other Equipment

            Automatic swing brake

            Counterweight, 4000 kg

            Mirrors, frame and cab

            Product Link ready

            Tool box in upperframe, lockable

            M318D 選配設備

            Auxiliary Controls and Lines

            Auxiliary boom and stick lines

            Anti-drift valves for bucket, stick, VA boom and tool control/multi-function circuits

            Basic control circuits:

            Cat BIO HYDO Advanced HEES? biodegradable hydraulic oil

            Generator with valve and priority function

            Lowering control devices for boom and stick


            Front Linkage


            Bucket linkage with diverter valve



            Back-up alarm with three selectable modes

            Heavy-duty maintenance free batteries

            Refueling pump

            Operator Station

            Adjustable hydraulic sensitivity

            CD/MP3 Radio (12V) at rear location including speakers and 12V converter

            Falling objects guard

            Joystick steering

            Seat, adjustable high-back

            Travel speed lock

            Vandalism guards

            Visor for rain protection



            Dozer blade, front or rear mounted

            Outriggers, front and/or rear mounted

            Spacer rings for tires

            Wide axles

            Other Equipment

            Auto-lube system (implements and swing gear)

            Cat Machine Security System

            Cat Product Link

            Mirrors heated, frame and cab

            Ride Control

            Tires (see specifications)

            Waste Handling Package

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